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Linux Servers

The main types of Linux based services provided by NetSoft are:

Installing the Linux operating system on a server provides many advantages such as no license expenses, stability and flexibility.
Our services are mainly for businesses which require a server installed in a profesional manner: without compromises in terms of security, with all the needed services activated from start.

Server types (can be combined at request):

System Administration
Though Linux servers are usually very reliable, they require maintenance: for maintaining the operating system up to date with the security patches (security threats and solutions appear almost on daily basis, this is the reason why securing a server it's not an isolated operation but continuous process) and also because the requirements and options of the server users are dynamic and evolve in time.

Linux Technical Support
In case you have Linux systems which misbehave, require fixing, configuration changes or you simply want to add new features, we are here to provide you with hands on technical support.