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NetSoft Linux File Server Domain Controller

File servers allow the data storage for companies on a central server system. In this manner files and folder can be shared between multiple users with different access levels. NetSoft Linux File Server Domain Controllerallows data storage and file sharing towards Windows workstations with domain controller functions. In this manner, the workstations can be access only after central login authentication and the access rights to the network can be differentiated based on users or groups.

Tehcnical specifications:

  • Data protection with RAID
  • Unlimited number of users or shares
  • user and share management form standard Microsoft applications: Srvmgr.exe (Server Manager) and Usrmgr.ex (User Manager)
  • Support for Windows NT, XP, 2000, 2003,2008,Vista,7 domain members
  • Roaming profiles
  • Share and file level access based on users and groups/b>
  • Optional antivirus at server level
  • Accessing files with SMB (Windows file share), FTP, SCP, SFTP,FTPS,WebDAV protocols
  • Recycle Bin at server level
  • Logging of file operations
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